Fostering Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Through Robotics and Coding (STEM)

The goal of this Program is to teach Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) through Robotics and Coding (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)) to Learners from Underprivileged Schools around Soweto South Africa, who would not under normal circumstances have access to such technology.  To accomplish this goal, we have developed project-based learning activities that will encourage and enhance the Learners creative and innovative thinking capacity and they are:

Progressing beyond learning the basics of robotics, children become inventors in their own rights. Like the process of inventing, there are no “singular” solutions that dictate how a robot should be built and programmed. This means that our young roboticists will be required to take risks in exploring and experimenting with their ideas till they reach a working solution. The entire process takes them through many lessons learnt from ideas that did not succeed, each culminating in the final working idea.

This tedious process would require them to break out of any preconceived notion of their abilities and be willing to explore solutions beyond their initial considerations. This iterative process would reinforce their belief that with perseverance and a growth mindset towards setbacks, they can succeed.

Resilience And Perseverance Building

At Edupstairs, we believe that a child’s robotics journey should be centred upon self-exploration.

When imparting the basic concepts of robot construction and design, we first bring our learners’ attention to key principles in isolation through a hands-on approach. Next we facilitate their building process by ensuring that these principles are followed. Learners will then recognise that the successfully built robot is the fruit of their perseverance and a combination of all the lessons they have learnt from each set back they faced in the process.

This teaching pedagogy is used in both our ROKENBOKEN robotics and Arduino inventor programs, ensuring that not only do our learners grow in knowledge and ability as a robot cist, they also develop a “Growth” mindset to help them succeed in other aspects of their lives

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