Growth Mindset Training for Teachers

Topics for Teacher Growth Mindset Training

Belonging for Teachers

When learners feel like they belong in school, they are more motivated, engaged, and ultimately show higher performance. In this training, you will learn about belonging, why it’s important, and belonging strategies for your classroom.

About Growth Mindset

Learn what a growth mindset is and why it’s important.

Teaching a Growth Mindset

Learn how to talk to learners about the brain, and learn how to use a growth mindset lesson plan.

Praise the Process, Not the Person

Learn about the kind of praise that promotes a growth mindset, and see it in action.

Celebrate Mistakes

Learn how to promote mistakes from Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler; watch teachers use this practice in action; and use activity ideas copy provided to try in your classroom.

Give Tasks That Promote Struggle And Growth

Learn from Jo Boaler about how opening up a math task can promote a focus on growth, and see how to turn closed math tasks into open tasks.

Assessments For A Growth Mindset

Learn about assessments that promote a growth mindset from Jo Boaler.

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