Growth Mindset Training for Parents

Parents learn what a growth mindset is, why it’s important, and best practices to support their children in developing this learning belief.

Training Overview

Number Of Lessons: 10

Designed for: Parents

Time to Complete: 2 Hours

Topic 1: Learn About Growth Mindset

Learn what a growth mindset is and why it’s important.

What Is a Growth Mindset?

Learn what a fixed and growth mindsets are and how they impact learning.

Reflect on your own beliefs

Take a short survey to learn about your mindset.

Which mindset is "right"?

See evidence that the brain is malleable.

Read about the research: How mindset affects learning

Read the research showing how mindsets impact learning and achievement.

Topic 2: How Parents Can Instill a Growth Mindset

Learn how to promote a growth mindset through the types of praise we give kids and through our response to mistakes.

Three ways parents can instill a growth mindset

The ways parents talk about ability and learning can have powerful effects on their kids'beliefs. Learn three different strategies for promoting a growth mindset.

Activity: Practicing process praise

Take a quiz on how well you practice process praise with your child, and get tips on how to improve.

Activity: Reflect on your failure mindset

Take a short survey to reflect on your beliefs about mistakes.

Activity: Model Making Mistakes

Get a better understanding of how you can show your kids that failure is the natural part of the learning process.

Activity: Use growth mindset language

See some tips for becoming more aware of the language we use.

Activity: Explain how practice rewires the brain

See examples of how to teach your child about the malleable brain.

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