Growth Mindset for High School Learners

Training Overview

There are eight growth mindset activities in the high school curriculum. Each activity has three parts, except for the final reflection activity, which has two parts.

Activity 1: The truth about your brain

This activity explores how the brain changes as we learn.

Activity 2: The growth mindset

This activity discusses the differences between the growth mindset and the fixed mindset

Activity 3: Mistakes are opportunities

This activity gives advice on how to shift from shying away from mistakes to seeing them as learning opportunities.

Activity 4: Keep going. Keep growing

This activity shares strategies for overcoming frustration and learning.

Activity 5: Supercharge your growth

This activity teaches how to set SMART goals that set you up for success.

Activity 6: My kind of cool

This activity shares stories about belonging and discusses how feeling like you don’t belong is normal.

Activity 7: Serendipity

This activity showcases stories from people who have become successful in their careers by learning to deal with the unexpected.

Activity 8: The path forward

This activity is a final reflection and opportunity to teach other about growth mindset.

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