Give Tasks That Promote Struggle And Growth

Learn from Jo Boaler about how opening up a math task can promote a focus on growth, and see how to turn closed math tasks into open tasks.

Training Overview

Number of Lessons: 5

Designed for: Teachers

Time to complete: 25min

Short, closed math tasks focus learners on performing over learning

See how short, closed math tasks can promote a fixed view of intelligence.

Open tasks promote a growth mindset

Learn how open tasks promote a focus on growth, and see an example of how to turn a closed task into an open task.

Going deeper: How do open tasks encourage a focus on learning

See an example of how opening up tasks promotes deeper learning.

Help learners make sense of a problem: See it in action

Watch Cathy Humphries help her learners make sense of a problem.

Activities for creating challenging tasks

Two activities to help you create challenging math tasks.

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