Celebrate Mistakes

Learn how to promote mistakes from Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler; watch teachers use this practice in action; and use activity ideas copy provided to try in your classroom.

Training Overview

Number of Lessons: 5

Designed for: Teachers

Time to complete: 25min

A Growth mindset means embracing challenges and mistakes

Learn why mistakes, challenges and struggles can be key ingredients for success.

Make challenge the new comfort zone

Leading growth mindset researcher, Professor Carol Dweck talks about the downside of easy and the importance of challenge.

Three ways to celebrate mistakes in class

Professor Jo Boaler describes three ways to get learners comfortable challenging themselves and making mistakes.

Give work that encourages mistakes: See it in action

Watch a second grade teacher give her learners challenging work and guides them in persevering through it.

Challenging activity ideas

Three ideas to help make challenge the new comfort zone.

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